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Neuron Computer Services, LLC

A full service IT consulting firm. I have owned and operated this business since 2000. I have amassed over 300 clients, mostly in the Southern California region, but also several clients across the nation. I primarily service clients via remote sessions, on-site, as well as provide web hosting, email, and cloud hosting for various businesses and individuals across all sorts of industries.

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Hostagon Web Solutions

A web hosting business that was initially started by three guys, including myself. We started by hosting a simple PC that wasn’t even server-grade, in a cabinet in a downtown LA colocation datacenter facility. It has since evolved to where it is now, owned and operated solely by me, with dozens of servers in a dedicated cabinet. We offer several hosting solutions, ranging from simple domain DNS services, e-mail, shared hosting, all the way to more complex and advanced hosting solutions such as our “Office in the Sky” service for enabling Windows Terminal Servers in the “cloud” on top of a VMware ESXi infrastructure.

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Kevin M. Sipma

9668 Milliken Avenue
Suite 104-285
Rancho Cucamonga, California 91730


To continually grow and expand my current business ventures as well as pursue greater opportunities in the Information Technology industry.


Troubleshooting & Resolution
Remote Support Technician
Servers & Hosting
Database Administration
Microsoft Solutions
Apple Solutions
Enterprise Networking
Datacenter Architect


2006 – Present     Owner, IT SpecialistNeuron Computer Services, LLC

2006 – Present     Owner, Hosting SpecialistHostagon Web Solutions

2000 – 2001          Administrative Assistant – J.H Sims Trucking Co., Inc.

1998                       Computer Network Assistant / Volunteer – Kaiser Permanente


2004 – 2005           California State University San Bernardino
Course of Study: Bachelor of Science – Computer Information Management

2000 – 2004           Chaffey College
Associates of Science Degree – Computer Information Systems
Associate of Arts Degree
Certificate – Computer Information Systems
Honors Graduate, May 2004


I first met Kevin when my home computer had problems several years ago. He did such a great job restoring it, I recommended him as an IT Consultant at my place of employment. He provided excellent service and always went above and beyond what was requested. Now, a few years later, at my next place of employment, I have also recommended him as an IT Consultant and the results of his work continue to be outstanding. He switched us to cloud computing and we could not be more thrilled with the system. His customer service remains superior, he is tireless, responds quickly to requests and provides professional solutions to any computer-related problem. If you are looking for a quick and easy fix, don’t call Kevin. However, if you need a permanent, well-thought out solution, then Kevin Sipma and Neuron Computer Service is the best choice.

Felipe Flores, Habitat for Humanity of Ventura County

Kevin at Neuron Computer Service has been my computer consultant for my business and computers at home. His knowlege of computers is unsurpassed. He always able to take of my computer needs in an efficient andcost effective manner. I have recomended Kevin to many of my business associates and friends. I have never heard a complaint.

George Gibson, Gibson Construction

Kevin is my “go-to” guy for any of my computer service needs. Whether it’s asking his opinion on certain products or fixing a problem with my computer he is always there to help. Not only is his expertise superb but his service is excellent. A true master of his craft and a true professional.

Jason Blatt, Home & Commercial Loan Expert

My boss has used Kevin as his IT consultant for years, and I know he must be good because my boss only selects the very best.

Melanie Justice, Psychologist

Kevin has helped me out of several computer jams. He was able to remotely access my computer, take care of the problem and clean up other issues while he was at it. He worked quickly and his fees are very reasonable. I would highly recommend him to anyone with similar issues or needs.

Kim Wisser

We have 4 high‐end retail locations and 1 warehouse/back‐office facility that Kevin Sipma has been servicing for about 2 years now on his Office in the Sky. We had loads of trouble with other software and were paying huge out of pocket expenses for upgrades and an on‐site tech to help us resolve these issues. We were not functioning properly for weeks and investing hours of our time with no resolution in sight.

I finally gave Kevin a call. We have known Kevin for years and have used his services on occassion. I was just looking for some advice and was thrilled that he had a solution. The solution came literally overnight; we were up and running the following morning. No one even had any issues setting things up in the morning, despite some of our employees lack of computer skills.

Kevin is almost always available on the spot for us when we have any kind trouble with our computers. He has been a blessing and a huge time saver. He is very patient and helpful to any of our employees who contact him.

I have also purchased additional equipment when needed. I have taken advantage of some of his rebuilt systems as well. Normally I would never get involved with re‐furbished product but with Kevin I know I am getting just as good as new and also am confident in him backing things up should they go awry.

My only regret is that I did not call Kevin sooner!

Bernadette Kelly, Duxiana

I have been a client of Mr. Sipma for about 5 years. For the last 2 years, I have used his Office in the Sky terminal server and I cannot say enough positive things about Mr. Sipma and the server service. It is a win‐win option all around. I have two office locations as well as a home office. I also have a staff of about 16 people. My staff and I can remote into the server from any location and have full access to all of our files. So I can work on multiple files at my West LA location, close my remote connection, drive to my Encino location, remote into the server there, and my files are just where I left them in West LA. It’s like my desktop computer travels with me where ever I go.

If I want to catch up on work at home over the weekend, all I need to do is remote into the server and have full access to my work files. I even recently traveled to Virginia, forgot some files, and from Virginia remoted into the server and easily accessed those files.

The service also ends up being cheaper. I used to have a physical server in my Encino location, with a VPN between that and my West LA office. It was a good system, but the virtual server is so much better. When I add a new employee and set up their user ID, that cost is included in the package. Before, I would pay the hourly rate to add or delete an employee. All of the maintenance and upgrades are also included in the montly rate for the virtual server. Plus, I never have to buy another server and, for my office computers, I just need basic computers that are simply used as internet connections to the server. So I save money on the type of computers I order. For example, I just expanded my West LA office. I ordered 4 complete Dell workstation computers with monitors, all for $2000. I did not need any bells
and whistles, since all of the main computing power is used and done on the server itself. Also, I was able to cancel my static IP address, since that was originally needed for my physical server. With this virtual server, no static IP address is necessary.

As for downtime, there have been only a couple times when the server has been down. It has proven to be MUCH more reliable than my old physical server. And when a rare problem does pop up, Mr. Sipma is on it almost instantaneously. Mr. Sipma could teach courses on customer service and support. He is that good.

A couple other advantages to keep in mind. My old physical server used a small business operating system. With the virtual server, the operating system is an Enterprise level operating system and the security and antivirus software is also at the Enterprise level.

There is no way I could afford to purchase a server with these specifications. So if you are comparing apples to apples, the cost savings is even greater.

Finally, it is much more secure. Previously, a thief could theoretically break into my office and steal my physical server. Now the actual server is located in some high security data center in downtown LA. So if someone breaks into my office, they can’t steal the server. They can at worst steal a computer that has no files on it and can be cheaply replaced.

So I honestly can’t think of a single disadvantage of using Mr. Sipma’s service. It costs less overall and is a better quality product than a traditional server. I give Mr. Sipma and his server service my absolutely highest of recommendations.

David Plotkin, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist

My Personal Matrix

A list of various websites I use, read, explore, and generally waste maximize time on.

Lifehacker.com: One of the most essential blogs I read on a regular basis. It has taught me everything from tips, tricks, and tweaks for the web, Internet, and computer worlds, as well as taught me better methods on enhancing my personal productivity, brainstorming, and most importantly, actually getting things done. As a matter of fact, a Lifehacker article inspired me to create this very website, to showcase myself and what I’m all about in the professional sense.

Engadget.com: While I am still using an ancient iPhone 3GS, I keep up-to-date on the new smartphones and other gadgets that come into market at a blistering pace. Engadget helps me to stay current, even though personally, I’m using old-news gadgets!

TechNet.com: I frequent this site whenever I need to make large-scale deployments or configurations in the Windows ecosystem. The concise documentation has helped me to painlessly migrate old Windows servers to new ones, set up clustering, Terminal Services, and other awesome functions, particularly for my hosting business.

Zen Habits: I’m a sucker for self-improvement and this blog is no exception to the category. I’m always looking for better ways to be more productive, happier, and  to always remain in pursuit of my goals and dreams in business and in life. Go minimalism!

Popular Science: I have always loved science and everything having to do with it–from astrology, to bio-engineering, to the latest concept cars with cool designs to hit showroom floors. PopSci feeds my never-ending curiousity in this genre.

Techmeme: A news aggregation site specifically geared for techies like me. This is how I mostly keep up with current trends in IT, business, and other tech areas and industries. If only I could have a direct jack-in to my brain, Matrix-style, to this website–I would be totally happy.

Joel on Software: Some dude who is a software developer in New York City. This is an excellent example of the wide plethora of blogs I read that are laser-targeted in their areas of expertise. This guy is very insightful on running and managing an IT business as well. His tips on interviewing prospective associates is worth it’s weight in gold, for instance.

Business Insider: Another must-read site that I frequently visit. Keeps me well up-to-date on the latest inside news on IT and tech related businesses. It helps me think of my own businesses and what I can do to constantly innovate and improve.




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